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Fluorescence quantitative PCR

Fluorescence quantitative PCR

Fluorescence quantitative PCR

Fluorescence quantitative PCR

Product description:
Real-time PCR systems allow you to implement real-time, online, high-throughput, fast-quantitative PCR cycles that simultaneously detect 48, 96, or 144-well plate samples. Results Quantitative and genotypic analysis can be performed by real-time fluorescence acquisition and software analysis during the PCR cycle. Complex optical inspection systems allow for multiplex PCR detection and are suitable for a variety of detection modes.
1. High-throughput samples with up to 144 samples for simultaneous detection; a variety of flexible matching solutions. (sample size: 48/96/144 optional)
2. Multiple independent sample introduction systems, samples can be loaded/run, analyzed simultaneously/independently.
3. automatic sample / injection, automatic hot cover.
4. Wireless remote real-time control and analysis.
5. Self-contained positive detection rate analysis, early warning laboratory pollution.
6. comes with a database and LIS connection.
7. Reserve automatic PCR link function.
8. with a temperature gradient function.
9. the use of long-life LED, to ensure the stability and reliability of the optical system.
10. Unique humanized module design, the first in China to allow 18 groups of 8 tubes to conduct simultaneous experiments.
11.user-defined report, multi-color printing function; can set analysis and printing functions.
12. powerful automatic gain, automatic background correction; the first domestically achieved background is too low, too high, the signal is too low and too high adaptive reagent detection.