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TiB2 Powder, 99%, 400um

 TiB2 Powder, 99%, 400um

TiB2 Powder, 99%, 400um

 Micron Titanium Boride Powder as Ceramic Material

Technical Data:

 Particle size  3-8um
 Purity (TiB2)  99%+
 Ti%  ≥ 68
 B% ≥ 31

It is a new ceramic material. And it has excellent physical and chemical performance.

Such as high melting point ( 2980 centigrade), high hardness ( 34 GPa), and its density is 4.52 g/cm3.

It could stand wear and tear, also resist acid-alkali.

Its electric performance is good (P=14.4μ Ω . Cm), heat-conducting property is strong (25J/m. S. K).

And it has excellent chemical stability and thermal shock resistant performance.

Titanium diboride and its composite materials are innovative and high technology materials that were widely concerned and putative that has promotional value and application prospect.


Application :

1. Electrical conductivity composite materials. Electrical conduction boron nitride named evaporation boat made by titanium diboride and

boron nitride is the primary member for vacuum aluminizing equipment.

2. Ceramic cutting tools and their components. Titanium diboride ceramic is used for metal wortles, extrusiondies, sandblasting nozzles,

potted components and cutting tools.


3. Composite ceramic materials. It could be used as multi-element composite materials' important constituent element. It can be made up

cutting tools'composite materials with TIC, TIN or SIC. And it is as a component to make armor protection materials. It is the best materials

for thermostability components and function devices.


4. Aluminium electrolysis'cathode materials. Because of the good wettability of TIB2 and metal aluminium liquid. It makes the electrolytic

aluminium's power consumption become low, then the electrolytic bath's life will be long.