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Aerogel makes coatings both colorful and thermal

Coating industry development so far, classification is more and more detailed, targeted more and more professional. Nano aerogel composite coating is to follow the development of nano aerogel materials, and the newly developed coating varieties, according to the specific user requirements, and can be divided into thermal insulation coating, hydrophobic coating, and other varieties, has very broad application prospects.

1, Insulation coating is a new type of insulation material, through low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance to achieve thermal insulation of a coating. Aerogel with its best thermal insulation performance, very close to the technical requirements of the thermal insulation coating, both thermal insulation effect is good, but also thin film. At present, developed countries in the world have been relatively popular in the development and application of this aspect, no matter in the construction industry, or industrial pipeline, there has been a large number of applications. Different from emission coatings, thermal insulation coatings have high requirements for thermal insulation performance, not just reflect sunlight infrared.

2, Hydrophobic coating is to improve the original coating, with hydrophobic function, with lotus leaf effect, stains easy to scrub, its main performance has hydrophobic self-cleaning, breathing and breathable, elastic repair and other functions. At present almost all waterborne coatings to add hydrophobic agents, to enhance the coating in this aspect of the function. Hydrophobic nanometer aerogel material is an ideal material for hydrophobic additive of coatings because of its high hydrophobic rate.

Advantages of nanometer aerogel materials in coating applications (whether for thermal insulation coatings, or as hydrophobic additives.
Environmental protection, ecological environment-friendly
Widely used, the construction is very simple and convenient.
Easy to repair and restore, low maintenance cost.
Coatings with a thickness of 1-1.5mm have a similar insulation effect to insulation fibers with a thickness of 10-20mm or masonry with a thickness of 50-100 mm.
Under the condition of normal (60 ° С above 200 ° С) nano heat preservation coating is 10 years of life.
Fire retardant performance is good, coating and softening temperature of 260 ° С above, burning the halogen-light non-toxic smoke, fire retardant time is long.
Good hydrophobicity, waterproof, prevent mildew. The coating is not affected by humidity, condensation, and temperature.