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Immunomagnetic beads - chemiluminescent magnetic beads

Immunomagnetic beads - chemiluminescent magnetic beads

Immunomagnetic beads - chemiluminescent magnetic beads

Immunomagnetic beads - chemiluminescent magnetic beads

Product parameter

Product name chemiluminescent magnetic beads
Specification 1/10ml
Storage normal temperature
product description:
This series of magnetic microspheres is a high-quality product specially developed for automatic magnetic particle chemiluminescence, which can meet the research and development and production requirements of high-sensitivity chemiluminescence reagents for production companies and research institutes. The magnetic beads are made of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 as the inner core, the outer layer is coated with polystyrene, and the surface is modified with carboxyl groups. It has superparamagnetic, fast magnetic responsiveness, rich carboxyl functional groups, monodispersity and submicron size. The covalent coupling of polypeptides, proteins, oligonucleotides and other biological ligands to the surface of magnetic beads under the action of special chemical reagents (such as EDC) is an important carrier tool in medical and molecular biology research.  
Product Advantages:
Sufficient surface functional group to efficiently couple a sufficient amount of the protein of interest;
Superparamagnetism and proper density ensure good resuspension and suspension time;
High magnetic content and short magnetic response time;
The particle size of the microspheres is uniform, the surface functional groups are stable and controllable, and the experimental repeatability is good;
It can achieve large-scale supply and stable performance, and can customize the microsphere size and surface functional groups.
Capture, purification and detection of biotinylated samples, such as biotinylated antibodies, proteases, nucleic acids or other biotinylated target molecules.