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Immunomagnetic beads-protein A/G magnetic beads

Immunomagnetic beads-protein A/G magnetic beads

Immunomagnetic beads-protein A/G magnetic beads

Immunomagnetic beads-protein A/G magnetic beads

Product description:
Immunoprecipitation analysis is the basic analytical tool for studying complex protein interactions, regulating the physiological principles of cells, and gene expression. Protein A/G agarose is a popular universal medium for immunoprecipitation studies for quite some time, and many laboratories have recently switched to magnetic beads to get better experimental results. As with the principle of agarose, the Fc region of a magnetic bead-bound IgG antibody serves as a means to isolate specific proteins in cell lysates. But the advantage of magnetic beads is that they do not need to be centrifuged to polymerize together, which significantly improves the purification of trace amounts of protein complexes. In addition, the magnetic beads are easy to separate the supernatant, just use a magnetic source close to the centrifuge tube. Magnetic beads are also smaller and can reduce non-specific binding and background signals compared to agarose.
The magnetic bead protein isolate complex uses fewer steps than agarose, and the isolated protein from the supernatant is easy, but has the same binding ability, which means less non-specific binding, and relatively high consistency. data. Aisen Bio's Protein Separation Magnetic Beads are specially designed for immunoprecipitation experiments and small scale purified proteins. We offer protein G, protein A / G, and labeled magnetic beads for you to choose from, giving you better results.
Product Features:
·Fast and efficient separation
·No need to centrifuge, reduce sample loss
·High load and good consistency of experimental data
·Designed for immunoprecipitation and small-scale protein and antibody purification
·Immunoprecipitation and small-scale antibody purification
·Small-scale purification of His-tag proteins and GST-tag proteins
·Rapid separation of antibodies and target proteins
Specification: 1/10ml
Storage: normal temperature