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Nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads

Nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads

Nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads

Nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads

Product Parameters:
Product name Nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads
Specification 2/10/100/1000 ml
Storage 2℃-8℃
Product Introduction:
Nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads, also known as DNA extraction magnetic beads, RNA extraction magnetic beads, is a biological magnetic bead developed and produced by Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd.., which has independent intellectual property rights. The product uses stable polymer materials as seperation carrier, introducing magnetic, and the ligand is coupled to form a polymer microsphere containing magnetic particles. The company's nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads are suitable for DNA and RNA extraction of various biological samples. They have been widely used in nucleic acid extraction of plants, animals, whole blood, serum, buccal swabs, saliva, bacteria, plasmids, forensic samples, etc. Which can achieve high-throughput automated DNA extraction by Tongrun automatic nucleic acid extractor.
1. The magnetic beads have uniform particle size, superparamagnetic and fast magnetic response. The magnetic induction distance is large, and the enrichment and transfer of the magnetic beads can be easily realized by using an ordinary magnet, thereby avoiding the harm of the high magnetic field to the human body and being easily inhaled into the body, to cause harm to the human body.
2. has good dispersibility and resuspension in the solution, high binding rate, 500ug of DNA per mg can be easily automated and reproducible.
3. simple operation, high detection efficiency and sensitivity, suitable for use with Aisen nucleic acid extractor.
4. non-toxic and non-polluting, no chloroform, phenol, etc., no need liquid nitrogen for grinding.
Application direction
Protein separation and purification, nucleic acid isolation and purification, affinity chromatography, cell sorting and screening, immunoassay analysis and clinical diagnosis.
Note: Operations such as freezing, drying, and centrifugation can cause agglomeration of the magnetic beads, and not easily resuspended and dispersed, it may affect the chemical activity of the functional groups on the surface of the magnetic beads. be sure to vortex it sufficiently to keep the beads in a uniform suspension state before using.