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  • The development trend of aerogel materials

    Aerogel has very high porosity, very low density, very low acoustic propagation speed, very low dielectric constant, very high specific surface area and other excellent properties, and has a very broad application prospect in the fields of heat, optics, a

  • How to make aerogel

    Silica aerogel is a lightweight and porous inorganic non-metallic material, which is constructed from silica particles. It has a three-dimensional nano-network structure, with a porosity of 80-99.8% and a pore size of 10-100 nm. It belongs to mesoporous s

  • When you know the properties and uses of aerogel, you will understand how wonderful aerogel are

    What is aerogel ? Aerogel is a kind of nano-porous material, whose skeleton is a three-dimensional network structure composed of nanoparticles, which is filled with gaseous dispersion medium.The size of nanoparticles is between 1-100nm, and the aerogel st

  • Aerogel clothing makes a wonderful world

    With the gradual expansion of human activities in the earth and space, the difference of living environment that human beings face is gradually revealed. Outer space, polar regions, mountains, oceans, fire sites, etc., the temperature is greatly different

  • Analysis of thermal insulation effect of silica aerogel

    Silica aerogel as a new research hotspot in the field of nano materials, mainly composed of more than 90% of the air, and less than 10% of the solid skeleton, and has low density (about 3 kg/m3), low coefficient of thermal conductivity, high porosity, low

  • Development of low-voltage enhanced gallium nitride transistor

    Gallium nitride, formula GaN, Gallium nitride,in the past decade, gallium nitride (GaN) research boom swept the global electronics industry.This material belongs to wide bandgap semiconductor, which is a kind of material with high hardness and high me

  • Study on preparation method of high purity nanometer silicon powder

    Silicon is an important semiconductor material and an important industrial raw material for the development of information technology.Silicon is an almost inexhaustible source of renewable energy.The transformation of silicon material to nanometer siz

  • Application and research status of nano copper powder as lubricant additive

    1. Four characteristics of nanomaterials Nanometer copper powder belongs to the category of nanometer materials, so it has four common effects of nanometer materials: A.Quantum size effect : when the size of copper particle falls to the nanometer scal

  • Preparation method and analysis of advantages and disadvantages of nano cobalt powder

    In recent years, with the rapid development of industry and science and technology, the demand for nano cobalt powder is increasing day by day, and the requirement for its quality is more strict.Nano-cobalt powder, in particular, has the characteristics o

  • What sputtering target can be used for extra-large OLED panel

    We all know about smartphones, tablets, color TVS and so on, because we have access to them almost every day.We touch and stare at their OLEDpanel from time to time. Molybdenum target, also known as molybdenum sputtering target, may be unfamiliar to many

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