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Development of low-voltage enhanced gallium nitride transistor

Gallium nitride, formula GaN, Gallium nitride,in the past decade, gallium nitride (GaN) research boom swept the global electronics industry.This material belongs to wide bandgap semiconductor, which is a kind of material with high hardness and high melting point. With its unique electromagnetic and optical characteristics, it has become an excellent choice for making microwave power transistors, microelectronic devices and optoelectronic devices.After the first generation of silicon, germanium, selenium, the second generation of gallium arsenide (GaAs), indium phosphide (InP), gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) have become the typical third generation semiconductor materials.

Due to the defects of silicon devices that can no longer meet the needs of high-frequency applications, wide bandgap semiconductor devices come into being. Wide bandgap semiconductor devices, also known as third-generation semiconductor devices, usually include: A1N, GaN, BN, SiC, ZnO, diamond, etc.Compared with Si materials, GaN materials have the advantages of large bandgap width, high electron mobility, high critical breakdown electric field and high saturated electron velocity.GaN device has a relatively high critical breakdown electric field intensity, so the device size can be smaller under a given breakdown voltage.There are two main types of low-voltage Gallium nitride transistor, namely depletion type and enhancement type.International rectifier company (International Rectifier, IR) launch GaN devices belong to the depletion of the device, because consumption type devices are Chang Tong type device, the startup, the circuit must be a power device with negative pressure bias, otherwise it will cause a short-circuit and therefore require additional control circuit, has increased the complexity of the converter, reduce the reliability of the system.Currently, IR mainly provides modular power devices rather than independent switching devices.

Different from IR, the enhanced low-voltage Gallium nitride Power transistor (hereinafter referred to as Gallium nitride Power transistor) introduced by EPC (Efficient Power Conversion Corporation) overcomes the above problems.First, it saves costs by growing GaN on silicon.Then, the lattice mismatch between the silicon substrate and gallium nitride is solved by using the AlN isolation layer.Finally, the electron mobility of gallium nitride is greatly improved by using the dense two-dimensional electron gas spontaneously formed between AlGaN and GaN materials.The main switching principles are as follows: when the gate source voltage of the Gallium nitride transistor is zero, there is no two-dimensional electronic gas on the contact surface of the gate, so the conductive channel disappears, making Gallium nitride transistor close.When the voltage between the external gate sources reaches a certain value, the two-dimensional electron gas is established and the conductive channel is generated to make the transistor conduct.