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Nano silver antibacterial coating additive
The antimicrobial coating additives use nano silver as main ingredients through nano technology, which has super small particles,oxidation resistance and antibacterial properties. Do not need to change the original coating production technology and equipment, just add relative proportion direct into the coating when processing, then mix them evenly. Final coating contains effective antimicrobial ingredients for 90 PPM, namely a broad spectrum of lasting antibacterial, deodorization, and mildew prevent, and other functions. Has the very good sterilization antibacterial rate of 99.99% on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and yellow aspergillus, etc. The antibacterial solution and coating matrix can be good compatible, long-term effect, has no side effects on the human body. The product not only can be solved in water based solution, but also can be solved in oil base solution. 
Index Performance
Appearance :                Colorless and transparent liquid
Major ingredient :         Nano-silver
Specific surface area :350m2/g
PH value :                      7±0.5
Specific gravity :           1.01 g/cm3
Content :                        3000ppm
Purity :                            99.99%
Particle diameter :        Max 20nm
Discoloration :               Anti-oxidation and does not change color.
Antibacterial rate :         99.99%
Effect of duration :         Board spectrum and long term effect.
Safety :                           Safe, environmental, have no side effects.
* Add to all kinds of water based coatings. It is widely used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, the family and the office interior wall. 
* Be used in all kinds of water based coating production
* Added to all kinds of waterborne coatings by 3%. 
* Stored in shady and cool place, seal preservation after using. 
* Shelf life: two years under normal temperature.
* Don’t get into the eyes.
* Sealed after using.