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Product description
Nano sulfur dispersion is 10% of nano sulfur content in aqueous dispersion, low toxicity, tasteless, safe environmental protection, soluble in water, easy to use, can be widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry, except has antiseptic, acaricidal, insecticidal effect, used to powdery mildew and leaf Cao disease prevention and control of all kinds of crops, the effect can reach about half month;It is safe to human and livestock, is not easy to make plants produce the adr.Promote plant growth, make plant fruit round, beautiful, compact delicious flesh, prolong the shelf life of fruits, and avoid the harm of pesticide residues on the human body.Add increase the animal immunity of livestock and poultry feed, meat is delicious, compact, more rich nutrition, to some extent, can replace animal jabs.

Product  features

ITEM NO Apearance Solid content Particle size Density
Trun-S-L1 Milky  liquid ≥10% ≤50nm 1.05g/ml

Product Application
1. Used in rubber industry as a senior promoting agent and curing agent.
2. Used in a variety of pesticides, pesticides.
3. Have anticorrosive, preservation role.On the surface of a variety of fruits antibacterial, insecticidal, anti-corrosion effect is remarkable, such as banana, mango, grape, apple, pear, peach and other surface spraying or packing materials processing, can significantly extend the shelf life of fruits and freshness.For a variety of flowers and plants, ornamental plants, such as surface and root for spraying or packing materials processing, can prevent decay, retain water, keep fresh, fragrant flowers, plant, ornamental period.Have a lot of application in fruit and vegetable flower industry.
4. To promote plant growth, make a round fruit beautiful, compact delicious flesh, at the same time to avoid the pesticide and the growth hormone of the harm to human body.Field application test in Korea and China's northeast, can effectively reduce the fruit such as tomato, cucumber lesions caused by excessive pesticide fertilizer, fruit shape and beautiful, flesh firmness, freshness to extend more than 65%.
5. Does add increase the animal immunity of livestock and poultry feed, meat is delicious, compact, more rich nutrition, to some extent, can replace animal jabs.Field livestock field experimental results show that the can obviously increase the chickens and ducks pig meat of cattle and sheep and other compact degree, more flavor, taste delicious.
6. Used for adjuvant treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, mites, and skin conditions such as acne.
7. Used for shower bath foot care.
8. Used for various antibacterial mouldproof function coating.

1. Antisepsis, 80-100 ppm.
2. When plant 10 ppm spray once every 15 days the dosage.