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Water-Based Calcium stearate

 Water-Based Calcium stearate

Water-Based Calcium stearate



Water-Based Calcium stearate as lubricant

Aqueous calcium stearate is a white viscous aqueous liquid containing about 50% calcium stearate. It is an excellent lubricant, which can reduce the interfacial tension and maximize the smoothness and fluidity of the wet coating surface. The leveling is easy to spread, which can improve the coating adaptability of the coating well, and improve the coating surface by imparting certain plasticity and slip property to the dry coating, and improve the coating by reducing or eliminating fuzzing and falling powder. Finished product performance.
Water quality calcium stearate quality standard:
Appearance White viscous liquid
Solid content     50±2%
Viscosity     ≤250cpas (25°C)
PH                   9-12
Density      0.8-1.0g/cm3 (25°C)
Whiteness          94
Particle size ≤15 microns

Melting point 150-155 ° C

Aqueous calcium stearate emulsion use: mainly used in paper rubber textile coatings
(1) This product is a liquid and can be used directly. It is not necessary to pre-dilute and stir like calcium stearate dry powder or paste.
(2) This product has a lubricating effect, which can improve the performance of the coating, improve the fluidity and leveling performance of the coating, and make the coating smooth and smooth.
(3) This product has good lubricity, good leveling, no cracking and peeling, and the coating can isolate the interface and prevent adhesion to each other.
(4) This product can improve the properties of the paper coating, improve the surface gloss, make the paper smooth, and improve the appearance quality and printing performance.

Calcium stearate packaging and storage:
50kg / plastic drum, stored indoors (4 ° C -40 ° C), should be protected from freezing and prolonged exposure to sunlight;
When not in use, the lid should be kept sealed to prevent moisture loss.
Precautions for the use of aqueous calcium stearate:
This product may appear slightly precipitated during long-term storage. Stir well before use, without affecting the use effect.