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Analysis of supply and demand of lubricating oil additive market

At present, in terms of the global use of lubricant additives, the internal combustion engine oil additives account for about 70% of the total amount of industrial use the amount of lubricant additive is about 18% of the total amount.

1.Lubricating oil additive for internal combustion engine
For internal combustion engine oil additives, ash - free dispersant, anti - oxygen agent, cleaning agent, anti - corrosion agent, friction improver - based.Among them, the ash free dispersants are mainly some amine compounds, and the special groups in the compounds are helpful to increase the solubility of trace water and acid substances in the oil, so as to alleviate the agglomeration and deposition of them with oxides.In order to improve the performance, the ash - free dispersants gradually develop towards the direction of macromolecule, non - chlorination and multi - function.Ash - free dispersants are usually used in conjunction with detergents.The function of friction improver is to form a protective film on the surface of components through physical bond or chemical bond, so as to reduce the friction between components, reduce energy consumption and improve the service life of components.Compared with conventional friction modifiers, the main friction modifiers are ashless long-chain alkyl organic compounds and metal-organic compounds, but studies have shown that boron series organic compounds have better friction improvement effect.

2.Research and development.Industrial lubricant additive
Industrial lubricant additives are mainly friction improver, pressure antiwear agent, rust inhibitor, metal deactivator and antioxidant.Among them, anti-rust agents are mainly some salts and lipids, which will form a protective film on the metal surface to prevent the metal from being corroded by chemicals.At present, after continuous improvement, anti-rust agent gradually to the direction of high-performance, multi-functional development;Extreme pressure antiwear agent is an additive that can form a chemical bond with the metal surface and thus play a protective role, such as boron compounds and nano compounds, when the surface of a metal part bears a large external force and the direct contact area between the metal and the metal becomes larger.Antioxidants are essential for any kind of lubricating oil because the oil is composed of a number of saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbons, which are exposed to the air for a long time or undergo high temperature or putrification. The putrid acid will not only fail to lubricate the oil, but will also damage the parts.Molybdenum thiophosphate diisooctyl dithiophosphate is a good antioxidant promoter, which can partially replace antioxidants and play a good antioxidant role. Therefore, it is a good future research direction.

3.The general development trend of lubricant additives
In general, with the gradual improvement of application requirements, lubricant additives are also gradually developing towards the direction of high performance, multi-function and environment-friendly.To be specific, the requirements of lubricating oil mainly develop towards the direction of low smell, no pollution and wide adaptability.Therefore, some additives containing sulfur, chlorine and heavy metals will be replaced.For ash, toxic and harmful, easy to cause precipitation additives will be gradually replaced;The properties of additives with narrow adaptability and no high or low temperature properties will be further improved.
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