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Application of nano cobalt powder in different fields

Cobalt is a gray metal with metallic luster. Its physical and chemical properties are similar to those of iron and nickel, and it has good ferromagnetism and ductility.In recent years, with the rapid development of industry and science and technology, the demand for nano cobalt powder is increasing day by day, and the requirement for its quality is more strict.Nano-cobalt powder, in particular, has the characteristics of high recording density, high coercivity, high signal-to-noise ratio and good oxidation resistance.It is widely used in sealing shock absorption, medical equipment, sound regulation, light display and so on.In addition, ultrafine nano cobalt powder is widely used in cemented carbide, ceramics, catalysis, special tools, batteries and other fields, because cobalt has high specific surface area, high chemical reaction energy and more than the number of atoms on the surface and other advantages.

1.Application of nano cobalt powder in cemented carbide industry
Nano-cobalt powder is one of the best binders for preparing high quality cemented carbide due to its good mechanical properties and sintering properties.In recent years, the consumption of nano-cobalt powder is increasing year by year in China, especially the demand of nano-cobalt powder in cemented carbide industry is very large.In order to prepare high-quality cemented carbide materials, not only the quality of WC raw materials is required to be high, but also the purity, particle size and morphology of nano-cobalt powder are increasingly required.Currently, nano-cobalt powder used to match wc-co cemented carbide usually requires high purity, fine particle size and spherical shape, which is mainly because the use of nano-cobalt powder with high purity and spherical shape as binder in cemented carbide industry can improve the strength and comprehensive performance of cemented carbide.On the one hand, nano-cobalt powder with high chemical purity is well soluble with WC, which has the strongest infiltration ability to WC and high control power, and can improve the strength of cemented carbide.On the other hand, spherical nano-cobalt powder has good fluidity and high filling density, which can not only reduce the pores of the alloy and avoid the appearance of cobalt pool, but also, in the sintering process, nano-cobalt powder adheres to the surface of WC as a binder to separate WC grains, which is conducive to improving the comprehensive performance of cemented carbide.

2.Uses of nano cobalt powder in ceramics
Nano-cobalt powder also has a broad application prospect in the field of building sanitary ceramics.In order to improve the microstructure and optimize the properties of ceramics, a certain amount of nano-cobalt powder is usually added in the ceramic production process.The preparation of ceramics is more demanding to the external environment, usually in the high temperature and high pressure environment.Nano-cobalt powder is subject to the action of various stresses under high temperature and high pressure, which is easy to aggregate into blocks. Therefore, its intergranular interface energy is relatively high, which can effectively reduce the sintering temperature. The addition of nano-cobalt powder can produce ceramics with high temperature resistance, high hardness, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Nano-cobalt powder is also used in the glaze and color of ceramic products. The ultrafine color can reduce the sintering temperature and increase the density of the products, so as to improve or improve the properties of the products to a certain extent.Nano-cobalt powder was added to the porcelain decorations of tang tri-colored glazed pottery and blue and white porcelain, and the special physical and chemical properties of nano-cobalt powder enabled the color material to be preserved for a long time.

3.Application of nanometer cobalt powder in catalysis industry
Nano-cobalt powder is also widely used in the catalytic industry. It is mainly used as a desulfurization catalyst in the lead cracking of the petroleum industry, and also as a purifier of phthalic acid to achieve good results in the field of polyester fiber.The average sulfur content of gasoline in the United States has been reduced from the original 0.03 percent to 0.003 percent due to the widespread use of nano-cobalt powder catalysts.It is reported that nano-cobalt powder plays an important catalytic role in the pyrolysis process of polycarbosilane, which can reduce the pyrolysis temperature and promote the growth of SiC grains in the pyrolysis process.At the same time, nanometer cobalt oxide (CoO, Co2O3 and Co3O4) can be used as a catalyst, especially Co2O3, in 2N2O(s)→2N2(g)+O2(g)  decomposition inverse catalytic effect is very obvious.

4.Application of nano cobalt powder in special tools
Nano-cobalt powder is also widely used in the special tools industry, especially in the fields of aircraft, airports and ships.Adding nano-cobalt powder in the preparation process of special tools can improve the properties of materials. For example, adding appropriate nano-cobalt powder and alloying it into armor materials can improve the impact resistance and toughness of armor materials and can defend against artillery attacks.Nano-cobalt powder is a kind of material with high strength and hardness, which can be used for armor protection.At the same time, it is made into a material with high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation performance and good electrical conductivity, which can be used to protect the corrosion of the coating.

5.Application of nanometer cobalt powder in battery industry
Nano-cobalt powder has been used as an additive in the battery industry.In nickel-metal hydride batteries, due to the introduction of nano-cobalt powder, the discharge capacity of nickel foam electrode and the stability of high-current charging and discharging cycle have been improved correspondingly. With the development of lithium ion batteries, the amount of nano-cobalt powder used as the electrode material is increasing.In the field of daily life and high technology, the application prospect of nano cobalt powder is also very wide.A new type of solar cell with higher photoelectric conversion efficiency can be made by adding nano-cobalt powder to the solar cell, which can be used even in rainy days.The study found that the efficiency of this new type of solar energy is high, mainly due to its work process energy conversion form is simple, from solar energy to potential electric energy, there is no net change.This achievement has important theoretical value and application value, and lays a foundation for scientific and technological workers to explore and study solar cells.