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Development and application of molybdenum disilicide heating element

Molybdenum disilicide properties
MoSi2 is an intermetallic compound of Dalton type with fixed composition.It is a kind of high temperature material with excellent properties because of its dual properties of metal and ceramics.Good high temperature oxidation resistance, oxidation resistance temperature as high as above 1600 ℃, and SiC fairly;Moderate density (6.24g/cm3);Lower thermal expansion coefficient (8.1 10-6k-1);Good electrical heat conductivity;Higher brittle and ductile transition temperature;Molybdenum disilicide is widely used in high-temperature heating element materials and high-temperature oxidation resistant coating materials because of its advantages above. It is also a high-temperature structural material and wear-resistant material with great development potential.
MoSi2 Heating Element
Molybdenum disilicide heating element (commonly known as molybdenum silicon bar) is a kind of ceramic base resistance heating element with molybdenum disilicide as the main phase composition.From 1956 Swedish Kanthal company molybdenum disilicide heating element on the market for the first time, after more than half a century of development, Kanthal SUPER series of products has been leading the progress of molybdenum disilicide heating element technology, the highest use temperature from 1650 ℃ to 1850 ℃, and gradually developed a variety of suitable for different atmosphere environment and use requirements of the heating element.

Thermocouple protection tube has two main purposes, one is to prevent mechanical damage;The second is to protect the thermocouple from the chemical corrosion of the medium under test, and from the harmful influence of oxidation or reduction conditions, so that the thermocouple as close as possible to its best atmosphere.Therefore, the thermocouple must be protected from bad atmosphere.
Installation of Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements
Molybdenum disilicade elements are brittle and easy to break at normal temperature, and have good ductility at high temperature, so the best installation method of u-type molybdenum disilicate elements is vertical installation.The conical part of the element must be installed in the furnace chamber of the high-temperature furnace. If the conical part does not enter the furnace chamber, the element is at risk of overheating.
Molybdenum disilicide elements are connected by wires, and aluminum bars are used to block the wires.When installation can't tighten the screw, molybdenum disilicide components such as heated to 1500 ℃, the high temperature furnace cooled, down to room temperature and then tighten the screw.In addition, high-temperature furnace installation, in order to prevent electromagnetic interference, should not be near the high-power electrical appliances.