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Graphene masks is a gimmick, or is it really amazing?

Covered the face mask principle, is to use the short time, temporary isolation outside air and pollution, improve skin temperature, the expansion of the pores of the skin, promote the secretion of sweat gland and metabolism, make the skin of oxygen levels rise, is good for skin eliminates the product of skin cell metabolism and accumulation of oil, moisture in the mask into the skin stratum corneum, the skin becomes soft, natural skin shining and elastic.
What kind of spark will be generated when graphene, the "king of new materials" that won the Nobel Prize for discoverer, is combined with the facial mask we use every day?
However, at the same time that domestic enterprises frequently launch "revolutionary products" of graphene, why is it widely criticized as a big lie by the industry?
The function of graphene mask
1. Graphene can adsorb and desorption a variety of atoms and molecules, and its large surface area makes it very sensitive to the surrounding environment. Even the adsorption or release of a gas molecule can be detected.Heavy metals such as copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel, lead, chromium and arsenic may remain on the skin after the use of commonly used cosmetics.The graphene mask mainly takes advantage of its large specific surface area and excellent adsorption performance to remove heavy metal ions and make the skin healthier.

2. It also has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, can effectively control the breeding of facial mites and other bacteria, increase skin immunity, promote skin water-oil balance, and fine pores.

3. Graphene mask is an intelligent mask, which has been emerging since the end of 2016. It is a new high-tech beauty product different from the traditional mask.The whole intelligent mask consists of three parts: membrane cloth, host and mobile APP terminal.Ordinary face film is to be comprised by film cloth and a few material composition only.
Not only the graphene mask, on the market can also buy other kinds of kinds of graphene products, such as the new three board listed company holy stream group introduced a graphene socks and underwear, they added in the product biomass graphene "warm" fiber, this is a new kind of intelligent multifunctional composite fiber, "has the activated immune cells, uv protection, improve microcirculation, antibacterial antibacterial, warming Yang and other characteristics, can also deodorant".
The challenge for the graphene industry
1. The primary difficulty is limited by the production of materials.To commercialize graphene, low-cost, high-quality finished graphene products need to be produced."But making this graphene is not easy.There are many technical challenges that have yet to be overcome by either mass production or large-scale production.
2. Although the current domestic graphene market is hot, there are many different kinds of graphene. Some enterprises even directly promote and sell graphene as graphene.At present, China's graphene industry still has problems such as high production cost, product quality to be improved, and insufficient upstream and downstream interaction.