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Introduction to main types of molybdenum products

Molybdenum is a silvery white metal with Az type body - centered cubic crystal system.The thermal expansion coefficient of molybdenum is very low, the thermal conductivity of molybdenum is high, the resistivity of molybdenum is low, the hardness of molybdenum is high, the mohs hardness is 5~5.5.Molybdenum is widely used in steel additives, molybdenum alloys, lubricants and catalysts.
1. Molybdenum is used to make molybdenum top
Molybdenum top is made of molybdenum titanium zirconium carbon alloy, which is used to produce the top of seamless steel tube piercing mandril.For perforated seamless steel tubes, such as stainless steel, brazing steel, high temperature alloy steel, molybdenum and other special parts.It is mainly used for perforating seamless steel tubes such as stainless steel, brazing steel, bearing steel and high-temperature alloy steel, etc. It is used for hot rolling and perforating seamless tubes of different materials in severe high-temperature environment.
Molybdenum alloy top adopts molybdenum powder raw material to add rare earth material, which is processed through mixing, molding, shape processing, high-temperature sintering and other processes. The density of the finished product is 9.4g/cm3.
2. Molybdenum can be used for the production of molybdenum electrode and the function of molybdenum electrode
Molybdenum electrode has high strength at high temperature, good oxidation resistance at high temperature and long service life.
The main component of molybdenum electrode is molybdenum, which is prepared by powder metallurgy process.International molybdenum electrode composition is 99.95%, the density is greater than 10.15g/cm3, to ensure the quality of glass and the service life of the electrode.

3. The molybdenum target material
Molybdenum is an environmentally friendly material, so there is no need to worry about environmental pollution.Therefore, molybdenum became one of the preferred materials for sputtering target of flat panel display.Molybdenum target material, also known as molybdenum sputtering target material, is one of the core materials in the semiconductor industry. More specifically, it is the key core raw material in the LCD panel display.
4. Molybdenum sheets
Molybdenum slice is divided into light molybdenum slice (PCC) and molybdenum slice (GCC).Molybdenum sheet is characterized by its artificial regulation of color, particle size, surface characteristics, dispersion, rheological, thixotropic and crystal shape, etc., and it is characterized by high chemical purity, strong chemical inertness, good thermal stability and no decomposition under 400 c.In addition, molybdenum sheet also has the advantages of low oil absorption, low hardness, low wear value, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, good dispersibility and so on.Luoyang, China, is rich in molybdenum and is known as the molybdenum city. It produces all kinds of molybdenum products and has a number of molybdenum sheet suppliers, which can offer the most favorable molybdenum sheet price to the world.

5. Molybdenum boat


Molybdenum boat is a kind of vessel which rivets molybdenum sheet or USES punch press to press and shape, mainly used in coating technology, electronic industry, electric power engineering industry, such as vacuum thermal evaporation, capacitor sintering, nuclear fuel sintering and so on.Molybdenum boat has many types due to different USES:
(1) Router molybdenum boat: applicable to high wettability material.
(2) V groove molybdenum boat: applicable to wettability smaller materials.
(3) The oval groove molybdenum boat: suitable for materials under the molten state.
(4) The spherical tank molybdenum boat: apply to the expensive materials such as gold and silver.
(5) Type of narrow groove molybdenum boat: this design can prevent the filament clip on evaporation materials.
(6) Steaming aluminum boat: on the surface of the boat body plating a layer of alumina, help particularly strong evaporation boat against the corrosion of molten material.Different types of molybdenum boat price due to different production process and different, please choose the most suitable for their own type.