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Study on the electromagnetic properties of manganese nitride compounds

As a magnetic metal nitride, manganese nitride has novel properties such as magnetism, abrasion resistance and zero expansion.For example, in the traditional steel smelting process, manganese nitride is often added to the alloy steel in the form of a intermediate alloy to adjust the composition of the alloy steel, so as to improve the performance of the alloy steel.Among them, manganese atoms mainly play the roles of deoxidation, desulfurization and alloying, etc., which can eliminate or reduce the hot brittleness caused by elemental sulfur and improve the hot processing performance of steel.Manganese replaces iron atoms in iron lattice, forms ferromanganese solid solution, and improves steel strength and hardness.By substituting manganese atoms for iron atoms in the cementite, the pearlite transition temperature is reduced, the grains are refined and the strength of the pearlite steel is increased.By replacing part of nickel with manganese, a stable austenite structure can be formed in stainless steel, which reduces the cost and improves the quenching property of the steel.As a cheap alloying element, nitrogen will interact with other elements to form nitride, thus improving the strength, toughness, creep resistance and corrosion resistance of the material.Forming a layer of nitriding on the surface of stainless steel can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of the material. The electron beam is used to deposit a layer of metal on the surface of stainless steel.The results show that the corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be improved obviously by depositing a layer of manganese nitride on the surface.

In terms of thermal expansion performance, Mn2N is commonly used as the raw material for preparing Mn3AN (A refers to metals such as Zn and Ca). Mn3AN is A new type of adjustable zero expansion material.As we all know, most materials expand with the increase of temperature, and contract with the decrease of temperature. Only a very few materials in nature do not contract or expand with the change of temperature, which is called zero expansion material.The material can be used in precision mechanical parts and micro-devices, such as brakes, that need to withstand heat shock.
Mn4N and Mn3N4 thin films are potential anode materials for lithium ion batteries due to their good reversibility, large reversible capacity and anti-fluorite or Li3N structure.
Because of the high theoretical thermal decomposition temperature (1734K) and high specific gravity of Mn4N, it can be used as foaming agent to prepare foam steel.
In addition, Mn-doped gallium nitride is a thin magnetic semiconductor at room temperature, mainly used for storage and transmission of spintronic devices.