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The role of nano-bismuth oxide in wastewater treatment

Bismuth oxide Bi2O3 is the simplest bismuth bismuth photocatalyst with special electronic structure and excellent photocatalytic performance in visible light response. It is regarded as one of the most promising semiconductor photocatalytic materials.The band gap energy of bismuth oxide is only 2.8eV, which enables it to respond more actively to visible light with longer wavelength.However, the electron hole pairs generated by Bi2O3 under photoexcitation are highly unstable, which can easily recombine inside and outside of Bi2O3, seriously reducing the utilization rate of quantum dots.When the energy absorbed by bismuth oxide is greater than the width of its forbidden band, electrons in the valence band transition to the conduction band, generating photogenerated electrons and holes, and contact with organic pollutants adsorbing on the surface of Bi2O3 for REDOX reaction. The organic molecular structure gradually disintegrates and inorganic compounds such as H2O and CO2 are generated.

In addition, bismuth oxide Bi2O3 is mainly used in chemical industry (such as chemical reagent, bismuth salt manufacturing, etc.), glass industry (mainly used for coloring), electronic industry (electronic ceramics, etc.), etc.Among them, the electronic industry is the most widely used industry for bismuth oxide, mainly used in varistor, thermistor, oxide arrester, picture tube and other fields.

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