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Company News

Tong run spontaneous cement aerogels debut in xi 'an international green building energy saving exhibition

From April 15 to 17, the 2019 international building energy conservation and green building technology and equipment expo was held in xi 'an qujiang international convention and exhibition center. With the theme of "promoting the innovation and upgrading of green construction industry and promoting the vigorous development of building industrialization", the expo gathered more than 600 well-known domestic enterprise groups and more than 40,000 professional visitors.Luoyang tongrun info technology co., ltd. with core competitive products, the first time to participate in the xi 'an international building energy saving and green building technology and equipment expo has been widely concerned.
The main products on display
1. Spontaneous cement foaming agent
Foamed cement has been widely used in the fields of roof foamed cement insulation layer cast-in-place, foamed cement surface block, foamed cement lightweight wallboard and foamed cement compensation foundation due to its good performance of thermal insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and light bearing capacity.The self-foaming cement foaming agent independently invented by our company has abandoned the shortcomings of the complex equipment required by traditional foaming cement. It can be made into high quality foaming cement with only the mixing equipment and without adding any other additives

2.Silica aerogel
As a kind of nano-porous material with controllable structure, silica aerogel is the lightest solid in the world. Its density is only 2.75 times that of air, and it can withstand the pressure equivalent to thousands of times of its own mass. In the construction industry, it mainly reflects the superior thermal insulation performance.

3. Foaming cement series additives and self-insulation block additives
The company's independent research and development of the additive series including early strength agent, foam stabilizer, crack resistance agent, water reducer, PVA fiber, etc., to help you solve the foam cement and self insulation block in a variety of problems.

Focus on our new customers
Tong run spontaneous bubble cement exhibition attracted many new customers, shaanxi zhongtian group, longma insulation materials co., LTD., shandong weibao machinery, lei ifende and other new customers have strong interest in spontaneous bubble cement, and expressed a strong intention of cooperation.

 Tongrun nano technology co., ltd. can provide samples to customers all over the world