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With nanomaterials, significant progress has been made in energy conservation in industry worldwide

The application of nanomaterials and technology in various fields plays a vital role in the development of various fields.Therefore, the continuous improvement of nanomaterials and technology is conducive to the rapid development of various industries and fields.Green development and sustainable development, both of which are advocated now, pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and do not over exploit or waste energy, or produce environmental pollution.
1. Application of energy saving in light industry
Nanomaterials are widely used in light industry, such as paper industry, functional textile industry, coating industry, leather industry, rice coating industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, electrochemistry industry and cigarette industry.In pulp and paper industry, for example, the paper industry is a relatively sophisticated industry, there are many links in the process of need a lot of water, which can cause water pollution and waste water, the use of nano materials and technology in the industry, can promote the transformation and upgrade of the pulp and paper industry, can gain a foothold in the development of the green era, rapid development.In the cosmetics industry, the use of nanotechnology can improve the utilization rate of products and product performance, help to provide product quality and production efficiency, and reduce the use of raw materials, which has an important impact on the cosmetics industry and consumers.In the pharmaceutical industry, nanomaterial technology can improve the absorption of active ingredients, change the shape of some special drugs, facilitate absorption, and reduce the use of API to avoid waste.

2. Application of energy saving in heavy industry
Nanomaterials technology is also widely used in heavy industry, such as energy saving in construction industry, iron smelting industry, automobile manufacturing industry, thermal power generation industry and oil refining industry.The maturity and wide application of nanomaterials make solar cells widely used in various industries.In the past, cars were powered by the consumption of gasoline. Now, buses in cities are powered by batteries, powered by solar energy, and powered by nano technology to improve the capacity of power storage. On the one hand, it reduces fuel consumption and on the other hand, it is conducive to environmental protection.The use of nanomaterials technology has a very good application in the construction industry, nano coating and coating, in the building surface and building materials, on the one hand to improve the performance of products, on the other hand to improve the service life.The coating of building surface now, use nano coating, can prevent corrode, fight oxidation, assure use fixed number of year and exterior are beautiful degree, conduce to energy-saving.