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Application of cerium nitride in inorganic composites

Known as the "industrial vitamin", rare earth elements are extremely important strategic resources and are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, ceramics, glass, permanent magnet materials and other fields.Therefore, the research on rare earth compounds is very important.Cerium nitride can be used to make a variety of inorganic composite materials, such as high-performance ceramics, semiconductor materials, luminescent materials, etc., and the preparation of these materials has high requirements for the purity of cerium nitride.At present, high temperature solid phase direct nitriding is the main preparation method of cerium nitride.The advantages of this method are simple process, low cost and low impurity content, but its disadvantages are also very obvious. Metal Ce powder is easy to be oxidized in the air, resulting in low purity of the product. The general nitrogen content is between 6.8wt % ~ 8.0wt %, which is difficult to meet customer demand.However, some other preparation methods, such as hydride pyrolysis method, reduction method, liquid phase method, gas phase method, etc., generally have the disadvantages of complex process, long production cycle, high cost, easy to introduce impurities, too high requirements on equipment, low yield and so on.

Cerium nitride can be used to make a variety of inorganic composite materials, such as high-performance ceramics, semiconductor materials, luminescent materials.Examples of its application are as follows:
1. Preparation of mixed rare earth toughening and reinforcing alumina matrix ceramic composites.
The composite material contains aluminum oxide and titanium carbide, which is characterized by at least two compounds in lanthanum nitride, cerium nitride, praseodymium nitride and neodymium nitride.The composite material has simple preparation process and low cost of raw materials, especially suitable for ceramic sandblasting nozzle, bearing and other parts with high wear resistance requirements.


2. Prepare a corrosion resistant milling cutter.
In metal cutting, it is an important condition to select the blade shape (spiral Angle, front Angle, back Angle, edge Angle) reasonably.Reasonable choice of blade shape can improve tool processing life and realize high speed machining.A corrosion resistant milling cutter is provided. The milling cutter is composed of steel-bonded carbide. The raw material powder of steel-bonded carbide includes hard phase and steel-based binder.The composition of steel - based binder has higher strength and the strength of steel - bonded cemented carbide is further improved under the action of hard phase.


3. Preparing a power grid cable fixing clip.
The raw material powder of the power grid cable fixing clip is made up of (molar ratio);Copper powder 30-40, Al powder 6-7, graphite powder for 2-3 copies of zinc powder 1-2, 1-2 copies of zirconium carbide, chromium trioxide 0.7-0.8, 0.5 0.6 V powder, chromium carbide 0.3-0.4, 0.3 0.4 Ni powder, nitride cerium 0.2-0.3, 0.1 0.2 servings of cobalt oxide, the present invention grid cable clamp used copper powder, graphite powder, Al powder, zinc powder, zirconium carbide, chromium trioxide, V powder, chromium carbide, Ni powder, nitride cerium, cobalt oxide powder raw materials, the raw material composition by pressing sintering to improve the strength of the product;2) through powder mixing, pressing and sintering, annealing, quenching, tempering and other processes, the manufacturing process is intensified and the production cost is reduced.


4. Modification of cerium surface.
As an important rare earth element, cerium is often used as reducing agent, catalyst and alloy additive.However, cerium is very active and easy to be oxidized and corroded at room temperature. Under atmospheric conditions, cerium will lose its luster and age quickly, thus affecting its metal properties and surface appearance.At present, cerium is mainly sealed and stored in a cool or kerosene medium to passively slow down the oxidation corrosion of cerium. However, these methods require high air tightness and are easy to cause pollution to cerium, and the storage effect is not ideal. Cerium still suffers from serious oxidation corrosion.

With double ion beam sputter deposition system in the grinding and polishing of the surface of the metal cerium argon ion sputtering cleaning first, then nitriding reaction sputtering process producing cerium nitride plating, final reoccupy ceramic direct sputtering target materials such as titanium nitride, titanium nitride ceramic coating is generated, cerium eventually form a cerium and nitride titanium nitride composite double coating.Of cerium metal nitride processing and deposition of titanium nitride coating, metal cerium anti-aging corrosion performance is significantly enhanced, by electrochemical polarization curve tests show that cerium metal corrosion current density before and after the treatment can decrease about 5 times, and cerium and nitride titanium nitride coating are golden yellow coating, thus increasing the surface of the metal cerium beautiful effect.