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Application of nanodiamond in the field of functional materials

Nano-diamond refers to the presence of diamond grains with a particle size of 1 to 100 nm, which combines the characteristics of diamond and nano-materials, such as high hardness, high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, low surface roughness, Large specific surface area, high surface activity, and the like.

1. Ultra-precision polishing and lubrication
The addition of nano-diamond to the lubricating oil improves the working life of the engine and transmission, saves fuel oil and reduces surface wear. Nano-diamond have strong covalent bonds and strong oleophilic hydrophobic properties, which can form a stable and dispersed colloidal system in various lubricating oils, thus introducing nano-diamond particles between the friction pairs, which plays a significant role in reducing friction and wear. At the same time, due to the good compressive and repairing functions of nano-diamond, the synergistic effect and the interaction between lubricating oil additives can be fully utilized to develop composite lubricating oils and additives with excellent wear resistance. Nano-diamond running-in oil can make engine running-in time.
The cylinder pressure is shortened by 30% to 50%, the cylinder pressure is increased by 7% to 10%, the hardness of the cylinder liner is increased by 10% to 20%, the roughness is obviously improved, and the period of running the oil is greatly extended.

2 Industrial catalysis
The nano-diamond synthesized by detonation has large specific surface area, large structural defects, high chemical activity, and is suitable for use as a catalyst carrier to improve catalytic efficiency.

3 Reinforced rubber and resin
Nano-diamond combines the dual properties of nano-particles and super-hard materials. It can be used to make reinforced rubber and reinforced resin. This application improves the thermal conductivity of materials, polymer degradation temperature, strength and wear resistance. The role of the aspect is obvious, so that nano-diamond has broad development prospects in the field of new composite materials.

4 nano-diamond reinforced metal matrix composite
Nanocomposite plating technology is to add insoluble nanoparticles to the electrolyte solution, so that the metal ions area method of dispersing nanoparticles in a metal plating layer while reducing. The composite coating can effectively improve the bonding strength between the coating and the substrate. The nano-diamond composite coating has super-hard, high wear-resistance, heat-resistant and anti-corrosive properties.Can be used for metal surface and coating of rubber, plastic, glass and other surfaces. The nano composite plating substrate mainly includes nickel, copper, cobalt, etc., and the composite nickel plating layer containing nano diamond is used as a wear protection layer for a magnetic disk or a magnetic head, and the hardness thereof is increased by 50% compared with the ordinary plating layer, and the wear resistance is more remarkable.