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Application of nanometer SiO2 in medical rubber


Nanometer SiO2 is an important inorganic material, non-toxic and pollution-free to the environment. It is widely used in resin composites, plastics, rubber, coatings and other fields.

According to different preparation processes, the preparation of nano SiO2 can be divided into gas phase method, precipitation method, microemulsion method and sol-gel method.

Because rubber needs to be reinforced before it can be used, nano particle strengthening is the most important way to achieve rubber reinforcement.The surface of SiOcontains a lot of hydroxyl groups and siloxane groups, which can produce a variety of chemical reactions.Dr Ying he studied the structure of nano SiOand the effect of its dispersion on the properties of silicone rubber. The results show that nano-SiOcan be used to strengthen silicon rubber.When the addition amount is within a certain range, the tensile strength and tear strength of silicone rubber can be significantly increased, and the hardness increases linearly with the increase of the amount of SiO2.

Silicone rubber has been widely used in medical and health departments. Its products involve various departments of medicine. Meanwhile, sterilized rubber medical gloves and disposable rubber inspection gloves, medical rubber hose and medical silicone rubber catheter, medical bottle stopper and artificial silicone rubber organs are also medical rubber products. As a medical rubber product, it must meet the requirements of non-toxic, chemical inertness, non-allergic, non-pathogenic, non-deforming and good aging performance.

With the development of China's rubber industry, the demand for SiO2. is increasing rapidly. Low cost, high dispersion, functionalization and refinement will become the development direction of SiO2, which is also the pursuit of many researchers and the urgent need of the market.