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Brief Discussion on the Properties and Application of Nano-Boride Silicon (SiB6)

Boron-rich compounds are an important part of ultra-high temperature ceramics. Werheit et al. conducted an in-depth study of polyhedra in boron-rich materials by Raman spectroscopy. The boron-rich compound has a very high hardness due to the large number of polyhedrons present. Hexaboride is a material studied in boron-rich compound ceramics. SiB6 has been applied to the surface heat-resistant coating of hypersonic vehicles, which can accelerate the heat dissipation of the aircraft surface and maintain its structural and functional integrity.

SiB6 has excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation and has an indispensable role in thermal radiation coating. It is an established thermal radiation coating additive. This heat radiation coating can be applied to the inner wall of a high temperature furnace in addition to the surface heat protection of the hypersonic vehicle, but it is required to reduce the manufacturing cost.

SiB6 has a high temperature Seebeck coefficient, low temperature thermal conductivity and high temperature conductivity. It is a potential high temperature thermoelectric material. However, the lack of research on its thermal shock resistance, fatigue resistance, mechanical properties, and machinability is difficult to practically apply to high temperature thermoelectric fields.

These features of SiB6 allow it to be applied to many of the following areas:
1.Grinding materials and grinding tool
Nano-SiB6 has high hardness, high strength and stability under thermal shock, and has extremely high grinding efficiency as an abrasive. Its grinding efficiency is higher than that of boron carbide.
2.Blast nozzle
Nano SiB6 has high hardness, good wear resistance, high dimensional stability, and is a rare raw material for making sandblasting nozzles.
3.Sealing element 
Nano-SiB6 has high hardness and good corrosion resistance. The seal made of SiB6 is widely used in the pump containing a large amount of solid particle liquid and the pipeline conveying corrosive liquid, which can improve the replacement period of the seal and save construction time.
4. Antioxidants for refractory materials:
Nano SiB6 is mainly used for anti-oxidation in carbon-containing refractories, which can densify products, prevent carbon oxidation in carbon-containing refractories, reduce porosity, increase medium-temperature strength, and reduce cracks.
5. Boron carbide ceramics:
Adding 2% nano-SiB6 to the boron carbide ceramic can improve the compactness, flexural strength and hardness of the product, and can also improve the toughness of the ceramic.
6. Borosilicate glass:
The borosilicate glass produced by nano-SiB6 has uniform texture, high surface flatness and good optical performance, low fluorescence intensity, very low expansion coefficient, strong thermal shock resistance and long-term operating temperature up to 450 °C. The density is 20% lower than ordinary soda lime glass.