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Nickel-chromium alloy

Chromium alloys have high strength and corrosion resistance, and alloys composed of iron and nickel are commonly known as stainless steel.
Commonly used in cutting tools; forming corrosion-resistant alloy layers on the surface of steel or iron by spraying, deposition and high-temperature diffusion; potassium dichromate and sodium dichromate are strong oxidants in organic synthesis and petroleum industry; chrome yellow, Chromium orange, chrome green, etc. can be used as the inorganic pigment.

The chromogenic substance used in the alcohol test used by the traffic police is dichromate. Alcohol can be used to make it color.

Nickel-chromium alloy can also be used in laboratory resistance.

High-resistance electrothermal alloys (high-nickel and iron-chromium-aluminum), high-temperature alloys, precision alloys, heat-resistant alloys, special alloys, stainless steels, etc. are common and commonly used nickel-chromium alloys.

In the case of a length and a constant cross-sectional area, the lower the temperature, the greater the resistance of the nichrome alloy, which is contrary to the general rule.

Nickel-chromium alloys are also widely used in the vacuum coating industry, and can be made into a certain proportion of alloy targets for the raw materials of magnetron sputtering coating.