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Performance of zirconium hydride

Zirconium hydroxide chemical formula ZrH2, density 5.6g/cm3, decomposition before melting, it is a stable powder, stable to air and water under normal conditions.With antioxidants and acid radical reaction, can be smoothly when ignition combustion, decomposition to the start of the 300 ℃ in a vacuum, totally decomposed in 500-700 ℃.

Zirconium hydride has the advantages of high hydrogen content, small neutron absorption cross section and high operating temperature.In the late 1950s, experimental reactor 3 (htre-3) successfully used zirconium hydride as moderator.Zirconium hydride is an important component of TRIGA reactor in the United States.In addition, space reactors developed in the United States, Russia and China use zirconium hydride as a moderating or shielding material.The german-built KNKII fast neutron reactor USES zirconium hydride as a shielding material and has accumulated a lot of experience.In addition, zirconium hydride can also be used in industry as fireworks, flux and ignition agent, in vacuum tube as getter, also used in metal-ceramic seal.Currently, zirconium hydride is also used as the moderating material for the supercritical light water fast reactor designed in the United States and the large fast reactor power station designed in Japan.