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Summary of application status of molybdenum disilicide materials

Molybdenum Disilicide(MoSi2)has the dual characteristics of metal and ceramic, high melting point (2303K), relatively low density, good high temperature oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, stable resistance characteristics, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but also has a high brittle-ductile transition temperature, therefore, MoSi2 can be used as another high-temperature resistant material like other ceramic materials, and has been widely valued by various materials scientists, becoming a material scholar. One of the research priorities.
1 High temperature structural materials
In recent years, the continuous advancement of aerospace technology has put forward more stringent requirements on the performance of high-temperature structural materials. MoSi2 has various excellent characteristics and thus hides huge application potential, and is considered to be one of the most promising high-temperature materials. It has become one of the research hotspots in the field of materials science. Due to the high melting point of MoSi2 material, good oxidation resistance and suitable specific gravity, the main performance parameters selected as high temperature structural materials in the aerospace industry are the melting point of the material, high temperature oxidation resistance and specific gravity. MoSi2 is very stable in an oxidizing atmosphere below 1750 ° C, and its yield strength does not decrease until the temperature is raised to 1400 ° C.

2 MoSi2 matrix composite
The intermetallic compound molybdenum disilicide has a series of good properties, including high melting point, excellent oxidation resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity, so it can be widely used as a composite material. The corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of MoSi2 can be used to prepare coatings and films coated on the surface of metal or oxidizable materials, which can enhance the oxidation resistance of the materials. Therefore, the preparation of MoSi2-based composites, that is, the composite of MoSi2 is another effective way to improve the mechanical properties of MoSi2.

3 Coating
MoSi2 material was first used as a high-temperature anti-oxidation coating in the field of anti-corrosion, which is also a mature application. According to its high temperature oxidation resistance, it is mainly used as a coating material in coating materials such as refractory metals, high temperature alloys, graphite and C/C composite materials. Since a relatively thin and protective SiO2 film is formed on the surface of MoSi2 in a high-temperature oxidation environment when preparing a MoSi2 coating, the protective film can have good oxidation resistance at a relatively high temperature, so Has good corrosion resistance.The MoSi2 coating has a high hardness and can be used for anti-wear, scratch protection and as a diffusion barrier, making it a hard coating.