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Technology has changed lives, and here comes graphene planar supercapacitors

With the continuous development of miniaturization and wearable electronic products, people have an increasingly urgent demand for micro storage systems, such as mobile phones, computers and robots, etc., which have an increasingly urgent demand for miniaturization, integration and environmental protection.On the basis of ensuring high energy storage density, high charging and discharging rate and good cycling stability, the planar supercapacitor meets the practical requirements of energy storage unit for electronic products, and is highly compatible with portable electronic products, thus fulfilling the requirements of functional integration of micro energy storage device.

Graphene, a monolayer film bonded by two-dimensional sp2 hybrid carbon atoms, has higher conductivity, larger specific surface area and stronger mechanical stability than previous carbon group materials, which can meet all requirements of energy storage devices for electrode materials.

The graphene and collector fluid of traditional sandwich structure graphene supercapacitor are in parallel to each other. In order to ensure no short circuit, the distance between electrodes cannot be too small, but the ions have to be transmitted in the direction perpendicular to the collector fluid, resulting in low ion transmission efficiency.Of graphene and graphene plane super capacitor and collection of fluid in a vertical state, provide more ion transport sites at the same time can effectively reduce the thickness of the capacitor, thus greatly shorten the transmission path of the ion, ion can make full use of space for rapid transmission of graphene layers and effectively improve the power density of super capacitor;In addition, the vertical junction between graphene and collector fluid can well reduce their contact resistance and better ensure the performance of capacitance in the case of folding and bending.By laminating MnO2 nanosheets onto graphene sheets, professor wu changcheng formed layered supercapacitors with specific capacitance of 267F/g and 208F/g at current densities of 0.2A/g and 10A/g, respectively. The retention rate was 92% after 7 000 cycles and 90% after 1 000 full Angle folds and bends.

For supercapacitors, the graphene electrode has better charging and discharging performance than other carbon materials, and the planar structure has better performance than the double-layer structure. It can produce planar supercapacitors with higher power density and better flexibility, making the supercapacitors more miniaturized and flexible.Luoyang tongrun information technology co., LTD. 's graphene has been used by customers in energy storage, solar cells, electrochemical sensors and other fields, and achieved excellent results.