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The principle of sun protection of nano zinc oxide


Nano-zinc oxide is a stable compound that provides a broad spectrum of UV protection (UVA and UVB), as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is by far the safest and most effective ingredient in the evaluation of sunscreens in various countries. It has photochemical effect and better UV shielding performance, and its UV shielding rate is as high as 98%.
Nano zinc oxide is an important and widely used physical sunscreen. The principle of UV shielding is absorption and scattering.
Zinc oxide belongs to the N-type semiconductor, and the electrons on the valence band can accept the energy transition in the ultraviolet light, which is also the principle that they absorb ultraviolet light.
The function of scattering ultraviolet rays is related to the particle size of the material. When the size is much smaller than the wavelength of ultraviolet rays, the particles can scatter the ultraviolet rays acting on them in various directions, thereby reducing the ultraviolet intensity in the irradiation direction. In addition, if the particle size of this material is too large, unnatural whitening will occur on the skin. Therefore, nanoscale particles have significant advantages over the usual size.