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  • New progress in doping modification of nano TiO2

    Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, nano TiO2 will produce photocatalytic reactions similar to photosynthesis, which can oxidize and decompose various organic compounds and some inorganic substances, can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria a

  • The mystery of nano cobalt

    Cobalt is a kind of amphoteric metal with good ferromagnetism. Its properties in hardness, tensile strength, mechanical processing performance, thermodynamic properties and electrochemical behavior are similar to those of iron and nickel, especially i

  • Gold nanoparticles are changing our lives

    In the future, you can use gold to purify water, use solar panels containing gold for home heating, or eat gold medicine.See how gold could be used to kill cancer cells, improve the efficiency of solar cells and catalyse chemical reactions.

  • Development status of organic molybdenum as lubricant additive

    Friction is common in two surfaces that are in contact with each other and move with each other. The mechanical movement resistance caused by friction can cause loss of energy, as well as surface wear and, in severe cases, even wear and tear of parts.

  • Application of iron-nickel alloy

    Iron-nickel alloy is a low-frequency soft magnetic material with high magnetic permeability and low coercive force in a weak magnetic field. Early iron-nickel alloys were used for telephone communication, and a heat treatment process and vacuum smelting m

  • Application characteristics of micro-nano copper powder

    Micro-nano-sized copper powder has a wide range of applications in many fields due to its large specific surface area, strong surface activity, high melting point, good magnetic properties, electrical and thermal conductivity, and good light absorption, s

  • Tungsten silicide - ideal gate material

    In recent years, with the development of integrated circuit manufacturing technology, the circuit feature size has been reduced to less than 2 m, the gate electrode and the interconnect line have also been sharply narrowed, the contact area has become sma

  • Lubricating Oil Antiwear Additive----Molybdenum Dialkyldithiocarbamate

    Organic molybdenum is an important class of friction modifiers and extreme pressure agents. The organic molybdenum is dissolved in various lubricants in a liquid form, so that the lubricating component forms a physical and chemical adsorption film hav

  • Application of nanometer SiO2 in medical rubber

    Nanometer SiO2 is an important inorganic material, non-toxic and pollution-free to the environment. It is widely used in resin composites, plastics, rubber, coatings and other fields.

  • CCTV says foreigh milk powder doesn't meet Chinese Standards

    CCTV says foreigh milk powder doesn't meet Chinese Standards