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  • Properties and application of praseodymium nitride

    In the case ofthe majoritymodulus , 665 systems (86% ofcheckset)area unitforeseeninsidetwenty fifthof calculated values.solelythe predictionsof 4materials, Bi, PrN , Mg3Sm, and ZrN, deviateon the far side100 GPa from calculated values.metallic element

  • Research progress of nickel nitride thin film materials

    The crystalline powder of Ni3N is dark gray with a relative density of 7. 66 (25 ℃), the comparison in the damp air s tability. It dissolves slowly in cold dilute acids and rapidly in hot acids. Does not react with sodium hydroxide solution, but dissolves

  • Research progress of nano antimony telluride-based materials

    Antimony telluride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Sb2Te3. It is a grey crystalline solid with layered structure. Layers consist of two atomic sheets of antimony and three atomic sheets of tellurium and are held together by weak van der

  • Advances in superconductivity of tungsten telluride

    Tungsten telluride (WTe2) is a transition metal sulfide compound with layered structure. WTe2 has long been recognized for its good thermoelectric properties, that is, the material exhibits unusually large positive resistance effect under magnetic field,

  • Study on Nickel silicide Thin Film Process in CMOS Process

    Silicidesareemployed inCMOS technologyfor a fewyearsin the mainto scale backsheet resistancewithin the supplyand drain regions. This paper discussesthoroughlythe formation of Nickel silicide (Ni2Si) andatomic number 22compound( TiSi2 ). The composition of

  • Application of molybdenum telluride in semiconductor materials

    Molybdenum telluride (MoTe2) is a gray hexagonal powdery solid with a variety of morphologies, among which molybdenum telluride (MoTe2) and trimolybdenum telluride (Mo3Te4) are stable in air, decompose in alkali, are insoluble in water, are soluble in nit

  • Nature and special purpose of Thulium Carbonate Tm2(CO3)3

    Thulium Carbonate hasspecialiseduses in ceramics, glass, phosphors, lasers, andis alsothenecessarydopant for fibre amplifiers.metallic elementdoubtlesshas use in ferrites, ceramic magnetic materials thatarea unitemployed inmicrowaveinstrumentality.its

  • Synthesis and application of holmium sulfate-organic frame materials

    In the literature, most reports are about the compounds of rare earth element La, while a few reports are about the sulfates of rare earth element Pr and Nd. For the sulfates of Ho, there has been no literature reported so far, and the synthesis of the co

  • Progress in application of zirconium sulfate

    Zirconium salt as a protein stabilizer has attracted much attention in the leather industry.The most commonly used zirconium salt is zirconium sulfate (Zr(SO4) 2), which is a light yellow or white crystal and mainly exists in the form of tetrameric in aqu

  • Preparation and electrical properties of one-dimensional silver telluride nanomaterials

    Recently, silver sulfide has attracted extensive research interest because of its special properties and potential applications in information storage, superconductivity, photoelectric conversion, thermoelectric material applications, and field sensing de