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  • Application prospect of nano Aluminum Al powder

    Aluminum Alpowder , pure aluminum foil with a small amount of lubricant, ramming crushed into powder, and then polished. Aluminum powder has light weight, high floatation force, strong hiding power and good reflectance to light and heat. After treatme

  • Application research of Niobium chloride

    Niobium chloride , yellowish white monoclinic crystal. Soluble in alcohol and hydrochloric acid. It dissolves in water. Easy deliquescence. The breakdown of hydrogen chloride in moist air. By five niobium oxide hydrate dry, slowly add new distillation of

  • Advances in the application of Ag powder

    Silver , a kind of transition metal. Silver exists in nature in elemental form, but most of it exists in the form of combination in the silver-ore. Silver has stable physical and chemical properties, good thermal and electrical conductivity, soft and

  • Application of semiconductor nano-bismuth sulfide materials

    Metallic sulfide group (MS, MSe, MTe, M stands for metal) semiconductor nanomaterials have a wide application prospect due to their special properties such as nonlinear, fluorescence characteristics, quantum effects and other important physical and ch

  • Characteristics and application status and development of gallium nitride

    In the past decade, gallium nitride research has swept the global electronics industry.This material belongs to wide bandgap semiconductor, is a kind of high hardness, high melting point material, with unique electromagnetic and optical characteristics, h

  • Prospect analysis of silicon carbide semiconductor

    SiC materials because of its high elastic modulus, moderate density, smaller thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, thermal shock, high specific stiffness, high dimensional stability and thermal and mechanical properties of isotropi

  • Application of zirconium hydride

    Solid propellant propellant column is an important component of solid rocket engine. It is an energy-containing composite material with specific performance. It is the power source of various solid engines such as strategic missile, tactical missile and s

  • Research progress of manganese dioxide(MnO2) supercapacitor

    Energy, as the material basis on which human beings depend in the 21st century, not only deeply influences production and life, but also restricts the economic development of the whole world.In the case of excessive consumption of fossil oil and coal and

  • Study on hafnium nitride materials

    Hafnium nitride(HfN) compounds have attracted more and more attention in the research field of materials with the wide application of TiN and ZrN membranes in recent years.HfN is a new type of hard material with high melting point, high hardness, abra

  • Summary of the synthesis and application of titanium carbide(TiC)

    In recent years, the green environmental protection energy represented by solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and biomass energy has been widely concerned by the society, and has begun to take shape in practical application.However, due to the loc