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Animal Organization Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Animal Organization Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Animal Organization Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Animal Organization Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Product parameters:
Product Name:  Animal Tissue Total RNA Extraction Kit
Specifications:  50T / box
Scope of application: Suitable for separation total RNA from blood, animal cells, organizations and plant organizations.
Product description:
Using a highly efficient, nucleic acid-specific centrifugal adsorption column and a unique buffer system, total RNA can be quickly extracted from animal tissues and a large number of different samples can be processed simultaneously. The reaction is completed in 30-40 minutes, and the total RNA extracted is extremely pure and free from contamination by proteins and other impurities. It is a kit based on a spin column for safe, rapid, convenient, stable, efficient and high quality extraction of total RNA from animal tissues or cultured animal cells. Total RNA includes RNA greater than 200 nucleotides (also commonly referred to as total RNA) and small RNAs less than 200 nucleotides.
For the unique configuration of animal organizations, the operation is simpler and the process is more optimized.
Efficient DNaseI for efficient DNA contamination removal.
RNA is more pure and free of impurities, making it ideal for downstream experiments where purity is critical.
Safe and reliable operation, no phenol/chloroform extraction, no cesium chloride gradient centrifugation, no lithium chloride or ethanol precipitation.
Storage Conditions:
DNaseI, buffer RDD, RNase-free ddH2O (tube) were stored at 2-8 ° C; other reagents were stored at room temperature.
Downstream applications:
The RNA extracted by this kit can be used for reverse transcription, RT-PCR, qPCR, Northern, dot hybridization, purification of mRNA, in vitro translation, and other downstream experiments; it can also be used for gene expression microarray analysis, high-throughput sequencing, etc. high quality requirements.
Experimental example:
The yield of total RNA extracted by this kit is high. The extraction effect of this kit has been repeatedly tested. One million frozen HeLa cells can be extracted to obtain about 15-20 μg of total RNA, and 5 mg of frozen mouse liver tissue can be extracted to obtain about 6-10 μg of total RNA, 5 mg. The frozen mouse kidney tissue can be extracted to obtain about 3-5 μg of total RNA.