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Fungal Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Fungal Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Fungal Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Fungal Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Product parameters:
Product Name: Fungal Genomic DNA Extraction Kit
Specifications: 50T
Storage: room temperature
Product description:
Fungi are heterotrophic organisms with eukaryotic and cell walls. There are many species, and more than 10,000 species have been reported and more than 100,000 species have been reported. Fungi are usually divided into three categories, namely yeast, mold and sputum (large fungi). For yeasts and molds, it can be treated with glass beads, while for large fungi, it can be directly ground with liquid nitrogen. This kit is a fungal genomic DNA extraction kit recently developed by our company. This product has been modified with the classic SDS lysate, and the protein is removed by high-salt precipitation, and the sample is further purified by the adsorption column without using toxic reagents such as phenol and chloroform. After the pre-treated bacterial solution is adsorbed by the siliceous membrane, a high-purity genome can be obtained. The purified DNA can be directly used in downstream application experiments such as PCR/Real time-PCR, sequencing, Southern blot, mutant analysis, and SNP. 1.5 to 5 μg of DNA can be obtained from 100 mg of fresh fungal samples, and the OD260/OD280 ratio is generally between 1.7 and 1.9. The extracted DNA can be used for enzyme digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern Blot and other related experiments.
1.Using a new adsorption column material, the adsorption capacity is large and the elution efficiency is high.
2.The process is fast and convenient, no need to use phenol/chloroform extraction, no ethanol precipitation.
3.The DNA obtained is of high purity.
Product application:
PCR, RealTime PCR, RAPD, RFLP, enzyme digestion, etc.