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Magnetic frame (can be customized)

Magnetic frame (can be customized)

Magnetic frame (can be customized)

Magnetic frame (can be customized)

The magnetic frame is specially developed for the magnetic beads produced by our company. It can efficiently separate the magnetic beads produced by our company. The 1.5-2ml centrifuge tube is placed on the magnetic frame, and the magnetic separation process can be completed in an average of 30 seconds. In order to achieve rapid separation and purification of cells, proteins or nucleic acids and the like. The ASCLJ-06 six-hole magnetic frame adopts a humanized tilt angle design, which makes the centrifuge tube close to the magnetic frame, making the separation process intuitive and convenient.
Specification (mm): 80 × 49 × 48
Aperture: 12mm Suitable for 1.5-2 ml centrifuge tubes
Optimal working volume: 10-2000ul
1. Place the combined centrifuge tube containing the magnetic beads to be separated to be mixed on the magnetic stand.
2. Stand still for 30 seconds until the beads are drawn to the wall of the centrifuge tube.
3. Carefully pour off the liquid or pipette the liquid.
4. The centrifuge tube is taken out from the magnetic frame and returned to the ordinary centrifuge tube holder, that is, the magnetic separation operation is completed.
1. Reasonable design and convenient operation. The user-friendly tilting design allows the centrifuge tube to be placed close to the magnetic frame, making it easier to separate the process.
2. The magnetic field strength is high and the separation is fast. With an average magnetic separation time of 30 seconds, the separation process is fast and efficient.
3. Compact and lightweight, durable. The unique material makes the magnetic frame lightweight and durable.