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Nucleic Acid isolation machine

 Nucleic Acid isolation machine

Nucleic Acid isolation machine


 Nucleic Acid isolation machine
Specifications: 32 channels
Power supply: AC110V-230V, 50Hz/60Hz, 750W
Dimensions: 400mm × 420mm × 440mm
Weight: 25Kg
Product performance:
★ Processing volume: 20 μl-1000 μl
★ Sample throughput: 1-32
★ Magnetic bead recovery: greater than 95%
★ Orifice type: 96 hole deep hole plate
★ Extract hole difference: CV is less than 3%
★ Magnetic bar: 32
★ Heating temperature: temperature control heating module, temperature control range, room temperature to 80 °C
★ Concussion mixing: 3 segments adjustable, and can set stroke with reagent volume
★ Reagent type: Magnetic bead open platform
★ Operation interface: 10 吋 color resistive touch screen
★ Internal program: Built-in program to store 20 sets of custom programs
★ Program Management: New, Edit, Delete Mode Program
★ UV irradiation: Yes
★ Extraction time: 30-60 minutes / time (depending on the reagents used)

Product advantages:
Touch buttons for easy operation. Built-in UV lamp for disinfection.
Batch purification, up to 32 samples at a time.
The specially designed tip allows for a more thorough suction of liquid results, and the fastest purification takes about 30 minutes.
For multi-purification, select different reagent tanks and procedures depending on the sample.
Flexible design, single sample can be executed without wasting reagent consumables.

Scope of application:
Widely used in routine research, genomics, food safety, disease diagnosis, forensic identification and other fields.
To use this instrument, simply add the sample and magnetic bead method to the fully automated nucleic acid extraction reagent in a 96-well plate. Select or edit the appropriate program and execute it. Combine different kinds of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents to quickly extract DNA and RNA from animal and plant tissues, blood, body fluids, criminal samples and other samples.