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Nucleic acid automatic extractor

Nucleic acid automatic extractor

Nucleic acid automatic extractor

Nucleic acid automatic extractor

Product description:
Tongrun Nucleic Acid Extractor is an automated instrument with magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit. It can operate 1-32 samples at the same time. The whole operation process is controlled within 50 minutes, which is very suitable for nucleic acid extraction of a large number of samples.
1. 32 channels, which can automatically extract 32 samples simultaneously in 50 minutes.
2. Transfer the magnetic beads with a magnetic bar without cross-contamination.
3. The magnetic rod is magnetically uniform, and there is no running phenomenon on the magnetic beads. The extraction rate is 100%, and the result is stable.
4. With a number of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kits, the magnetic rod is magnetic and there is no magnetic bead retention.
5. The user interface is friendly, no external computer is required, and the extraction program can be set by yourself.
It is used for nucleic acid extraction of various tissues such as plant tissues, animal tissues, whole blood, bacteria, plasmids, viruses, serum free, forensic materials, marine organisms, Chinese herbal medicines, fungi, etc., and the results are stable.
Product parameters
1. Screen operation    All Chinese 7 inch Android system touch screen, easy to use, fast response
2. Precise control     Built-in android system, wireless connection to personal computer, stand-alone operation, provide stable automatic control system, multi-mode operation, scan code mode, list mode, shortcut mode, view mode
3. Temperature control    Customize cracking and elution temperature according to demand
4. Free programming      Strong performance editing function to meet different reagent requirements, can store >500 groups of programs, program management new, edit delete mode program
5. Rapid extraction     Short operation time, 30-50 minutes (related to reagents), large flux, can extract 32 samples at the same time
6. Extraction efficiency     The purification scheme can be optimized according to different reagents to achieve higher extraction efficiency and purity.
7. Stable and reliable       The whole process is completed automatically, avoiding the differences and errors caused by manual operation, the results are stable and the repeatability is good.
8. Pollution prevention and control       Built-in UV disinfection function, can be disinfected regularly to prevent cross-contamination
9. Safe and reliable       After the safety is turned on, the automatic tentative program runs. After the safety door is closed, the program can be continued to avoid harming the human body.
10. Open reagents       Can be extracted using various manufacturers' reagents.
11. Treatment volume          30μl-1000μl
12. Sample throughput          1-32
13. Magnetic bead recovery      greater than 95%
14. Orifice type               96-well deep hole plate
15.Extracting the difference between the holes        less than 3%.
16. Magnetic rod             32 pieces
17. Heating temperature     Optional heating module (room temperature to +120 °C) temperature control accuracy can reach 0.1 degrees Celsius
18. Oscillating mixing         Multiple files adjustable
19. UV irradiation            Yes
20. Lighting Lights           Yes
21. Power supply            AC198V-242V,50Hz/60Hz,450W
22. Dimensions             400mm×400mm×450mm
23. Weight                          35KG
24. USB interface                    Yes
25. Program import and export         Yes