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Ordinary PCR instrument (four module selection)

Ordinary PCR instrument (four module selection)

Ordinary PCR instrument (four module selection)

Ordinary PCR instrument (four module selection) 
Product description:
By providing accurate temperature control, PCR provides accurate temperature control in three steps of denaturation, annealing and extension, realizing the continuous amplification of genes and achieving the purpose of qualitative analysis of PCR. It is widely used in scientific research, teaching, medical clinical, inspection and quarantine institutions.
1. Multi-purpose machine, no need to replace the sample holder module, easy to use, suitable for 0.2ml × 96 holes, 12 × 8 joint pipe, 96 microporous plate, to meet the experimental requirements of different sizes and quantities of PC manifolds, reaction plates, Significant savings in the cost of purchasing spare parts for different modules.
2. Using advanced semiconductor Peltier thermal cycle temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, fast speed, saving experiment time.
3.Adjustable hot cover anti-evaporation, no oil operation, simple and pollution-free, ensuring accurate and reliable processing of PCR amplification products.
4. With temperature / time, increment / decrement and other enhancements, you can do touchdown PCR, long (Long) PCR,
5. Complex operations such as nested PCR, NASBA, loop-mediated amplification (LAWP), ligase reaction (LCT), and polymorphic amplification analysis.
6. Sample base BLOCK and in-tube TUBE simulation two temperature control modes are optional; when using the in-tube temperature control mode, the software can automatically optimize the volume difference and dynamic temperature according to the user-set amplification reaction volume to achieve the best amplification effect. .
7. The software calculates the Tm value to ensure the annealing temperature of the primer.
8. With power-off protection function, the instrument can save various preset data to ensure that the PCR experiment can continue after the power is restored.
9. Liquid crystal display, fill in the blank programming, the instrument is easy to operate, and the human-machine interface is friendly.
10. Small size, light weight, saving lab space.
Product Usage:
Suitable for molecular polymerase, medical, food industry, judicial science, biotechnology, environmental science, microbiology, clinical diagnosis, epidemiology, genetics, gene chip, gene detection, gene cloning, gene expression, etc. Ploymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a variety of pathogen detection and gene analysis for the purpose of detecting DNA/RNA.