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Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)


Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit 50T (centrifugal column method)


Product Name: Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit

Specifications: 50T / box

Scope: Suitable for purification of total RNA from various plant and fungal samples


Product introduction:

The Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit uses a highly efficient, nucleic acid-specific centrifugal adsorption column and a unique buffer system to rapidly extract total RNA from plant tissues and simultaneously process a large number of different samples. The reaction can be completed within 30-40 minutes, the operation is simple, the extraction is rapid, the solution toxicity is small, and the experiment is safe. The total RNA extracted is extremely pure and free of contamination by proteins and other impurities. The total RNA can be extracted from plant tissues, especially plant tissues rich in polyphenols or starches (such as cotton leaves, potato tubers, white pine needles, bananas, apples, yam, papaya, spider plant leaves, etc.), which is convenient and quick to operate. 100 mg of tissue can be treated 200 times per 100 ml (final volume after addition of β-mercaptoethanol), and 5 g of tissue is treated 4 times.



1. Tissues that are difficult to extract RNA by conventional methods, especially for plant samples with high content of polysaccharides, polyphenols or secondary metabolites.

2. The operation is convenient and fast, and the whole experiment is completed in half an hour.

3.  For the unique configuration of plant materials, the operation is simpler, the process is more optimized, and the efficient DNaseI is used to effectively remove DNA contamination.

4. RNA has higher purity and no impurity residue, and is especially suitable for downstream experiments with high purity requirements.

5. Safe and reliable operation, no phenol/chloroform extraction, no cesium chloride gradient centrifugation, no lithium chloride or ethanol precipitation.


Storage Conditions:

Store and store at room temperature, store at 4 ° C after adding β-mercaptoethanol, and store for 6 months.


Downstream applications:

The extracted plant RNA can be used in a variety of downstream experiments (such as RT-PCR, Northern blot, Dot blot, polyA screening, in vitro translation, RNase protection analysis and molecular cloning, etc.)