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Total RNA extraction kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Total RNA extraction kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Total RNA extraction kit 50T (centrifugal column method)

Total RNA extraction kit 50T (centrifugal column method)
Product parameters:
Product Name: Total RNA Extraction Kit
Specifications: 50T / box
Scope of application: For the isolation of total RNA from blood, animal cells, organization, plant organizations
Product introduction:
The company's original lysate can quickly and efficiently remove genomic DNA and protein from cells, making the obtained RNA high in purity and stability. This kit is used to separate total RNA from blood, animal cells, tissues, and plant tissues. Each spin column can process 50-100 mg of tissue or 5 x 106 cells at a time, and can process a large number of different samples simultaneously. The reaction can be completed in less than an hour, with higher total RNA yield, better purity, no DNA and protein contamination, and can be used in a variety of downstream experiments.
The RNA is more pure and has no residual impurities, and is especially suitable for downstream experiments with high purity requirements.
Wide range of applications, can extract a variety of different experimental samples.
The operation is simple and the experiment can be completed in one hour.
Storage Conditions:
The lysate RZ should be stored at 2-8 ° C in the dark; other reagents should be stored at room temperature.
Downstream applications:
RT-PCR Northern blot, Dot blot Real-time RT-PCR polyA screening, in vitro translation, RNase protection analysis and molecular cloning.
Experimental example:
Experimental material: grass blade
Experimental method: application of this product to extract total RNA from the leaves of the grass
Experimental results: The following is the total RNA electropherogram of the extracted sample; the RNA loading amount is 2-4 ul, the elution volume is 100 ul after extraction, the agarose gel concentration is 1%, and the electrophoresis at 6 V/cm is 30 min.