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Ultra-micro UV-visible spectrophotometer

Ultra-micro UV-visible spectrophotometer

Ultra-micro UV-visible spectrophotometer

Ultra-micro UV-visible spectrophotometer

Product description:
The ultra-micro UV-visible spectrophotometer is a new full-wavelength micro-spectrophotometer that uses the surface tension of a liquid and requires a sample volume of 0.5 to 2 ul. On the detection platform, the fixed optical path is pulled out by the contact of the upper and lower arms to achieve rapid, micro- and high-concentration detection, and the advantages of consumables such as quartz tubes and capillaries are not required. The high-energy xenon lamp source provides full spectrum detection from 190 to 840 nm, eliminating the need for warm-up and on-demand. The instrument is widely used to detect nucleic acids, proteins, cell solutions, microarray samples, and conventional full-wavelength scanning.
Instrument features and functions:
1. Suitable for rapid detection of DNA, RNA, and protein samples without dilution
2. Detection amount 1ul ~ 2uL, suitable for the detection of very small samples
3. Use long-life imported UV light source (xenon lamp);
4. No need to warm up;
5. The sample does not need to be diluted, it can be tested quickly and easily, and the detection range is wide.
Technical advantages:
1. With the current highest concentration detection range
2. Have the most accurate detection capability at present
3. Lower the cantilever automatic detection mode
4. Multi-point data technology, the measurement results are more accurate
5. Extremely high measurement repeatability without calibration for life
6. The most advanced technology, no baseline calibration, no baseline compensation