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Viral DNA/RNA extraction kit (centrifugal column method)

Viral DNA/RNA extraction kit (centrifugal column method)

Viral DNA/RNA extraction kit (centrifugal column method)

Product Name: Viral DNA/RNA extraction kit (centrifugal column method)

Specifications: 50T
Storage conditions: room temperature
Applicable samples: Rapid extraction of high-purity viral DNA in plasma, serum, ascites, cultured cell supernatant, cerebrospinal fluid, and urine.
Product description:
Using a centrifugal adsorption column that specifically binds to viral RNA\DNA and a unique buffer system, the Viral RNA Extraction Kit is suitable for cell-free body fluids, including plasma, serum, ascites, cultured cell supernatants, cerebrospinal fluid, and urine. High-purity viral RNA is rapidly extracted. This product can meet the vast majority of viral RNA extraction requirements, such as viral RNA: HCV (hepatitis C virus), HIV (HIV), and HTLV (human T lymphotropic virus); and so on. After the virus is lysed, the RNA is selectively adsorbed to the silicon matrix membrane in the spin column under high unsalted salt state, and the salt, cell metabolite, protein and other impurities are removed through a series of rapid rinsing-centrifugation steps, and finally low salt The elution buffer elutes pure viral RNA from the silicon matrix membrane. The purified viral nucleic acid is free of impurities and PCR inhibitors and can be directly applied to analysis such as PCR/RT-PCR. .
Separate and purify high-quality viral DNA/RNA from serum, plasma, lymph, allantoic fluid, semen, saliva, buccal swabs, cell-free body fluids, cell culture supernatants or various virus preservation solutions. It allows downstream detection of very low viral levels and can be used for disease diagnosis and the like. Suitable for nucleic acid extractor (AMY32) extraction platform.
1. Extract the viral DNA/RNA by spin column method.
2. It is suitable for DNA/RNA extraction of serum, plasma, urine and other acellular body fluids, as well as samples of virus culture solution, cell culture solution, virus preservation solution, etc., without protease K digestion step.
3 The kit does not require centrifugation, requires no expensive equipment, and completely avoids contact with toxic reagents such as phenol and chloroform. It can be operated in the laboratory and outdoors.
4. The extraction process is simple (30 minutes), easy to automate, and suitable for high-throughput extraction.
Downstream applications:
Viral genotyping
Virus epidemiology research
Infectious disease research

The experiment
Experimental Materials
Serum samples containing hepatitis E virus RNA (5 x 106, 5 x 104, 5 x 103, 5 x 102 copies/ml).
Sample result
The pure viral RNA limit can reach 5×103copies/ml of RNA; the purification and recovery efficiency of the virus is about 85%.