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Whole blood genomic DNA extraction kit(magnetic beads method)

Whole blood genomic DNA extraction kit(magnetic beads method)

Whole blood genomic DNA extraction kit(magnetic beads method)

Whole blood genomic DNA extraction kit (magnetic beads method)

Product introduction:

The kit uses magnetic beads to adsorb DNA to rapidly purify whole blood genomic DNA, and is suitable for extracting high-purity genomic DNA from 150-200 μl anticoagulated whole blood samples. This buffer system minimizes contamination of proteins, pigments, lipids and other inhibitory impurities. The extracted genomic DNA fragments are large, high in yield, good in purity, stable and reliable.

The kit avoids the use of organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform, and the recovered DNA can be applied to various conventional operations such as digestion, PCR, library construction, and Southern hybridization.


1. Simple and fast: Ultra-pure genomic DNA can be obtained within 30 minutes. The obtained DNA can be directly used in molecular biology experiments such as PCR, enzyme digestion, and hybridization.

2. Ultra-pure: The resulting DNA precipitates as colorless and transparent. The nucleic acid can be efficiently separated from impurities such as pigments during the cracking process. The new rinse solution removes impurities more thoroughly, and is more suitable for downstream experiments and long-term preservation of high purity requirements.

3. With a unique buffer, it can not only better cleave red blood cells to release DNA, but also reduce the damage of genomic DNA and protect DNA integrity.


Storage conditions:

The kit can be stored for 12 months at room temperature (15-25 °C) and at 2-8 °C for longer periods of time. Under the storage conditions of 2-8 °C, if the solution is precipitated, it should be dissolved at 37 °C before use.


Downstream application

The DNA recovered by the kit can be applied to various routine operations, including digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern hybridization and so on.