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Zinc Oxide dispersion ZnO

Zinc Oxide dispersion ZnO

Zinc Oxide dispersion ZnO


ZnO Nanoparticles  Dispersion Inspection Report (COA) Standard

ITEM NO Appearance Particle size Assay ZnO Solvent Cu Cd Mn Pb As
ZnO-L1 White liquid 50-80nm ≥20.6% Water 80% ≤3ppm ≤8ppm ≤5ppm ≤9ppm ≤5ppm
ZnO-L2 Milky White 50-80nm 40wt% Ethanol 60wt% ≤3ppm ≤8ppm ≤5ppm ≤9ppm ≤5ppm
ZnO-L3 White liquid 30-40nm ≥20.6% Water 80% ≤3ppm ≤8ppm ≤5ppm ≤9ppm ≤5ppm
ZnO-L4 Milky White 30-40nm 40wt% Ethanol 60wt% ≤3ppm ≤8ppm ≤5ppm ≤9ppm ≤5ppm
ZnO-L5 milky white 30-40nm 40wt% Butyl Acetate 60wt% ≤3ppm ≤8ppm ≤5ppm ≤9ppm ≤5ppm

Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Dispersion Application:
1. Pottery field: sinter temperature can be reduced 40-60 centigrade in pottery.
2. Fibre and textile: effectively screen ultraviolet radiation and infrared ray.
3. Sunproof cosmetic: effective UV-resistance and antibacterial property N
4. Rubber tires: zinc oxide dispersion for silicon rubber, boots, rubber gloves and other labor products, it can greatly extend the life of the products, and improve their appearance and color.
5. Zinc oxide dispersion can also greatly improve products wear resistance and sealing effect.
6. Paint coating: zinc oxide dispersion can make coating with UV shielding to absorb infrared rays and sterilization Antifungal and improve paint with stain resistance, resistance to abrasion resistance,artificial aging, water-alkali resistance,  hardness and adhesion, and other traditional mechanical properties.