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wafer butterfly valve

C9H18NS2Na liquid 10254-57-6

C9H18NS2Na liquid 10254-57-6

C9H18NS2Na liquid 10254-57-6

1. Summarize
 Glucosinolates carbamate is a kind of grey multiple effect additives, it does not contain the metal elements in its structure,its sulfur content of up to 30%. It not only has outstanding anti-wear extreme pressure performance, but also showed good antioxidant effect. It can improve the oil oxidation resistance, wear resistance, and can improve the Timken OK to load in grease. It is mainly used in turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, internal combustion engine oil and other oil products.
 CAS No.: 10254-57-6
2. Typical physical and chemical data
Items Physical and chemical index
Appearance Transparent liquid
Kinematic viscosity
100 mm2/s
Flash pointcutout  ℃) ≥130
Sulfur   % 29.0-32.0
Thermal decomposition  ≥310
3. Reference dose   0.2%--3%
4. Package, Transportation and Storage
 This product is packaged by 200 L galvanized barrels. The drum cover has waterproof measures against leaking, can resist the moderate impact, on the drum with product name and and general safety measures and the production batch number and other digital information
Mode of transport: Highway, Railway, Waterway and  Air Transport. The danger classes is equal to common chemicals.
Carried Standard: SH0164—1995(The national industry standard of the People's Republic of China)
               The MSDS Report of the product
Storage temperature:—30℃-60℃. Long-term storage, the color may be darker.