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Nano Diamond Powder, 99.5.%, 80-100nm

Nano Diamond Powder, 99.5.%, 80-100nm

Nano Diamond Powder, 99.5.%, 80-100nm

Product Description

Nano Diamond Powder as Lubricant
Specifications:Nano Diamond Powder 80-100nm

outstanding wearability,anti-causticity and thermal conductivity,stable high dispersibility,superhigh purity.

Our nano diamond is achieved from the dissociative carbon in super high pressure and temperature during the detonation by the oxygen-negative explosive. The nano diamonds, with 5 - 20 nanometer basic sizes, have sphere shape and functional group of oxygen and nitrogen on the surface. It possesses characteristics of both diamond and nano functional material.   


Super finish polishing property 
    1. Outstanding wearability, anti-causticity and thermal conductivity 
    2. Stable high dispersibility 
    3. Superhigh purity, main element impurity below 30 ppm 
    4. Various dispersible products 
    5. Super polishing effect with minus 0.8 nm surface roughness

Product Classification: 
Black powder series with different nanodiamond contents 

Grey and superfine powder series of nanodiamonds 
Accurate Gey nano powders at different cluster size distributions 
Black powder slurry series in different cluster size distributions 
Grey powder slurry series in different cluster size distributions

Company Information

      Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to technology development, applications of nanotechnology and new material industries, with professional experience in the nano-technology research and development and the application of materials. As a leading nano-technology development and product applications manufacturer, the Luoyang Tongrun dominates the markets. Tongrun technology provides solutions across the various processes and steps of laboratories and industries. Our professional working team provides the perfect solutions to help increase efficiency in various industries, create value, easy to deal with various challenges. Currently our company has successfully developed serious of powder materials (including oxides, carbides, nitrides, single metal, etc.), high-purity target, functional ceramics and structural devices. OEM service is available. And our innovative, high-performance materials are widely used in all aspects of daily life, including but not limited to the automotive, electrical, electronics, information technology, petrochemical, oil, ceramics, paint, metallurgy, solar energy and catalysis.