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Nb Niobium Powder 1, 10um

Nb Niobium Powder 1, 10um

Nb Niobium Powder 1, 10um



Niobium (Nb) Powder features:
Niobium is gray metal, melting point 2468 ℃, boiling point 4742 ℃, the density.Niobium stable in air at room temperature, the red is not be completely in the oxygen oxidation, high temperature directly combined with sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, can form with titanium, zirconium, hafnium, tungsten alloy.Not with inorganic acid or alkali, not soluble in aqua regia, but soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

ITEM NO Appearance Particle size Purity surface area (m2/g) Bulk density(g/cm3) density(g/cm3) crystal
Nb-P1 gray black 1um 99.9 7.8 10.87 8.57 spherical
Nb-P2 gray black 10um 99.9 2.9 36 8.57 spherical

Niobium (Nb) Powder Application
1 superconducting applications: niobium is the highest critical temperature superconducting properties of the elements.And made of niobium alloy, critical temperature as high as absolute temperature 18.50 to 210, is the most important superconducting material;
2. Coin: on the coin, niobium sometimes with gold and silver on COINS for precious metals;
3. Other niobium (or mixed with 1% zirconium) is a high pressure sodium lamp arc tube sealing material, because the coefficient of thermal expansion of niobium and the sintering of alumina arc lamp ceramic materials are very similar.4. 4.4.
4. High temperature alloy: a large niobium in the world as pure metal or with high purity niobium and niobium iron nickel alloy, high temperature used in the production of nickel, chromium and iron base alloy.These alloys can be used for jet engines, gas turbines, rocket components, turbochargers and heat-resistant burning equipment;

The packing storage
This product is inert gas antistatic packaging, should be kept sealed in a dry, cool environment, should not be exposed to the air for a long time, be affected with damp be affected with damp proof reunion, affect the dispersion performance and using effect.