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Allied Titanium

Allied Titanium

Product description
These socket drives screws are TRUE TITANIUM(TM), specifically commercially pure Grade 2 (CP) titanium. Like platinum and gold, titanium is an element near the top of the galvanic scale and its resistance to corrosion of all kinds is legendary. Its position on the galvanic scale is one of the reasons engineers specify titanium for use with carbon fiber. With a minimum yield strength of 39,900 psi (275 Mpa), Grade 2 titanium is comparable in strength to stainless steel. Of course, Grade 2 (CP) titanium is corrosion free in saltwater while stainless steel crevice corrodes dangerously. We manufacture hundreds of thousands of these titanium socket drive screws for our customers. They are being used today with carbon fiber, robots, alternative energy systems, boats, construction and every other industry you can think of. If you want corrosion freedom, strength and lightweight at an affordable price, you have found it. TRUE TITANIUM(TM) is a trademark to establish that this product is manufactured from solid Titanium, rather than a coating, plating or color. 
Product features
M8-1.25 Pitch X 45mm Socket Head Allied Titanium Machine Screw
TRUE TITANIUM(TM) - Stronger, Lighter and Corrosion Free
Titanium is good for use in or near saltwater
General Tolerance: +0/-0.27 mm
Meets ISO 4762; Grade 2 (CP) Titanium with Polished Finish