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Titanium Sheet Metal Screw

Titanium Sheet Metal Screw

Titanium Sheet Metal Screw

Production description
These flat head sheet metal screws are TRUE TITANIUM(TM), specifically commercially pure Grade 2 (CP) titanium. The problem of stainless steel crevice corroding is rampant across many industries and products, but in the marine industry the problem is worse because corroding sheet metal screws stain interiors, break off inside cabinetry and on the exterior their failure causes parts to fall off of boats. We worked hard to develop sheet metal screws in titanium in order to solve these problems. Now, our customers use them for decking screws, general construction in or around saltwater, as well as boat repair. 10,000 years from now when all the aluminum, stainless steel and brass on the planet has turned to dust, these titanium sheet metal screws will look and perform just like they do today.

Product features
#6 X 3/4 Flat Head, Phillips Drive, Allied Titanium Sheet Metal Screw
TRUE TITANIUM(TM) - Stronger, Lighter and Corrosion Free
Titanium is good for use in or near saltwater
General Tolerance: +0/-0.012 inch
Meets ASME B18.6.4; Grade 2 (CP) Titanium with Unpolished Finish