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Erbium oxide Powder High purity Er2O3 Powder

Erbium oxide Powder High purity Er2O3 Powder

Erbium oxide Powder High purity Er2O3 Powder

Product details

  (1) Er3+ at 1550nm the light emission possesses the special meaning, because this wavelength exactly is located the lowst loss of the light guide of optical fiber communication, Er3+ suffers wavelength 980nm and 1480nm Guang after arousing, from ground state 4I15/2 transitions to high energy form 4I13/2, when is in the Er3+'s of high energy form again transition Huis during to ground state launches out the light of 1550nm's wavelength, quartz optical fiber can convey the light of various difference wavelengths, but the different of light attenutor are different, 1550nm's frequency band light in transmits that the time attenuation is the lowst the quartz in the optical fiber ( 0.15 db / kilometer ), almost the latest permissible limit attenuation. Therefore when signal light is done in the optical fibre communication at the 1550nm place, the light loses the aest little. So, if the erbium of suitable consistency is mixed in the suitable basic quality, can be according to the laser principle effect, the amplifier can compensate the loss in the communication system, therefore need to magnify in wavelength 1550nm's solely telecommunication cross-domain communication of signal, and mixing the erbium optical fiber amplifier to be the indispensable optics parts, the silica fibre amplifier to mix the erbium has at present been realized commerceization. According to reporting, for avoiding absorbing of useless, tens to several hundred ppms' doping capacity of erbium in the optical fiber. The new domain of the application of erbium will be opened up in the swift and violent development of optical fibre communication.  
  (2) In addition mixing erbium of the laser crystal and 1730nm's laser and 1550nm's laser of his is export safety to person eyes, the atmospheric transmission function is better, and it is stronger that smoke of gunpowder to the battlefield pierces through the ability, and confidentialtys is good, uneasily being surveyed by enemy, the degree of contrast shining the military objective is bigger, and has made military affairs the person who upward use to person's safe portable laser distance measuring instrument.  
  (3) Er3+ joins to glass and can make rare soil glass laser material, it is largest to send out the pulse energy at present, the highest solid laser material of output power. 
  (4) Er3+ can do changing the activation of the laser material ion on rare soil. 
  (5) The erbium also can be applied in eyeglasses piece glass and crystal glass decolours and bepaints etc. 


physical properties
Pink Powder , insoluble in water, soluble in acid. remark
APS(nm) 1.0±0.2 Design for requirement
chemical component
TREO% ≥98
Er2O3/REO% ≥99.9
Rare earth impurity content REO%
CeO2 ——
Pr6O11 ——
Nd2O3 ——
Sm2O3 ——
Eu2O3 ——
Gd2O3 ——
Tb4O7 ——
Dy2O3 ≤0.01
Ho2O3 ≤0.01
Er2O3 ——
Tm2O3 ≤0.03
Yb2O3 ≤0.01
Gloss 1000℃,1h,%Loss on ignition of 1000℃